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We have a particular expertise in providing professional legal advice to all corporate bodies, ranging from smaller family run businesses to larger public companies across all sectors.

We spend time getting to know our clients so that we can understand the business and its needs in providing advice on legal matters.  

We advise our clients on all corporate, commercial and banking law, including:

  • acquisition and/or sale of business, 

  • inward investment and all matters relating to the formation of a business in Ireland,

  • commercial contracts and terms of business, 

  • data protection law and intellectual property law, 

  • corporate governance,

  • financing transactions, including the security aspects of property or asset finance and general corporate borrowings,

  • advising on enforcement of security, including receivership and bankruptcy, and

  • general debt recovery.

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We advise both individuals and employers on all matters pertaining to the employment relationship, from drafting employment contracts and consultancy agreements at the commencement of employment to advising on the termination of employment and the rights and obligations of both the employee and employer arising therefrom.

We aim to assist our clients in navigating the complexities of employment rights and obligations in the ever-evolving framework governing employment law in Ireland.

We provide advice on all areas of employment law, including the following:

  • drafting employment contracts and consultancy agreements,

  • employment permit queries and applications,

  • disciplinary and grievance policies and procedures,

  • employment equality legislation,

  • matters relating to the termination of employment, including redundancy, termination notice, post-termination restrictions and obligations, and

  • disputes between employer and employee, whether during the employment relationship or following the termination thereof.


We advise on all civil and commercial disputes.

It is always best to try to resolve disputes at an early stage between the parties rather than proceeding to the courts and we will be on hand to assist in any settlement talks or meetings held.

Of course, it is not always possible to reach a resolution in this manner, and in what can sometimes be a long, arduous process, we recognise the importance of keeping our clients fully appraised of how matters are progressing and the likely timelines throughout the litigation process.

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We advise on all aspects of property and landlord and tenant law.

We advise on the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial property.  We recognise how stressful purchasing or selling a house or office space can be and are committed to being on-hand to explain the process to our clients and to identify any issues arising at an early stage, ensuring completion of the conveyance in a timely manner.

We also advise both landlords and tenants on entering into commercial leases, the creation of sub-tenancies, assignments of a lease and all other aspects of landlord and tenant law. 


We advise our private clients on a range of personal matters, always ensuring a confidential and respectful service.

We have particular expertise in advising clients on the transfer of assets between spouses or to the next generation, whether on death or during their lifetime, and will prepare the transfer documentation or Wills, as appropriate.

We also advise clients on entering into Enduring Powers of Attorney and the registration of same.  

We assist in the administration of estates following an individual's death and the distribution of the assets in the estate to the beneficiaries. We are adept in dealing with any disputes arising in relation to an estate, including those relating to testamentary capacity, disgruntled beneficiaries and executor inaction. 

We advise on the formation and governance of charitable bodies and  the establishment of trusts providing for the care of incapacitated individuals.

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We understand that family law proceedings can be traumatic and emotional for all parties, particularly where children are involved.

Our aim is to provide our client’s with sympathetic but practical and constructive advice from an experienced and responsive family lawyer that they can trust.  

We provide advice on all areas of family law including: 

  • Divorce, Judicial Separation and Separation Agreements

  • Access, Child Custody and Guardianship

  • Spousal and Child Maintenance applications

  • Co-habitation Agreements and Non-Marital Relationships

  • Civil Partnerships

  • Advice on Domestic violence

  • Prenuptial Agreements and Estate Planning

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